Sunday School for all ages...

and yes, we mean all!

Outdoors at church

Small groups

Register as a family unit

Session 2: November 1 - 22, 2020

10:30am on Sundays

Please email with any questions

Paul Writes (a letter)

Join Pastor Ralf and Kira Korsmo as they take an interactive look at Paul's letter and how they speak to us today. 

Once you register for this class, Ralf and Kira will let you know what to bring!

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Parable of the Mustard Seed

Get ready to get your hands in some dirt, and join the Fulcher family as they take a look at the Parable of the Mustard Seed. 

All supplies will be provided, so just bring yourself and your family! 

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Who Is My Neighbor?

Sure to prompt rich conversations about friendship, Who Is My Neighbor? encourages new ways of seeing others and ourselves. Join the Hagman family as they explore this idea and ways to actively participate in being a neighbor to all.

No supplies needed

Outreach opportunities will be decided as a group

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LEGOS aren't just for kids!

Do you learn best while building with your hands? Listen to a Bible story for inspriation to create something with LEGOS, playdough, or pencil and paper. Then share your creation as the group discusses what God is saying to you through the story. 

Bring whatever you would like to build with! We have extra (new) LEGO sets at church if you would like one. Just let us know when you register. 

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