Sprouts from dry beans...

In Sunday School a couple weeks ago, we put dry beans in cotton, spritzed it with water, and set it in the sunlight. What happened? How does this relate to the story we talked about when the two people were walking to Emmaus? How does this relate to our lives now? 

A couple clues:

1. Dry beans symbolize disappointment or our plans not going as we thought they would. 

2. What happened that was UNEXPECTED when the two people were walking to Emmaus? 

3. What happened that was UNEXPECTED with the bean? 

4. Do you have disappointments right now?

5. Are there any ways that Jesus is working in your life that is good and unexpected?

Send me an email (ask your parents for help) and tell me your thoughts! Then I'll bring you an Italian Soda from Dutch Bros!


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