Planning For The Inevitable

This 4-week class is designed to give you things to think about,
will hopefully stimulate some conversation with your significant others, 
and encourage some planning for end-of-life issues,
so that when something occurs, you are better prepared to navigate through it.

Teachers: Robbie Courts and Kristin Moultine

Duration: 4 sessions, Sunday Mornings, November 5-26

Times: 9:40-10:20

The Magnificent Story: 26 Bible Stories Every Christian Should Know

In ‘The Magnificent Story,’ we’re going to attempt to make our way through the foundational stories of the Bible and weave them together in a way so we can see the Bible telling one great story, a story with God at the center, and a story inviting us into it.

Classes will resume in January

Tuesday at 7:00pm and Thursday at 1:30pm